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1. Seaplane with territorial map beyond
2. Moose with stone-based merchandiser - canoes beyond
3. Skylight with stone fireplace beyond

4. Water feature under staircase

5. Rock wall merchandising footwear

Goodman's China & Gift - toronto

1. Project accomplished - 30' wide storefront with burgundy plastic sign above stripmall marquee
2. Storefront display window
3. Corner cabinet with locking door

4. Conceptual rendering of proposed storefront - original 15' wide storefront in corner location, inset photo

5. Wall cabinet with locking and sliding doors

6. Glass shelves on cable suspension system
7. Typical adjustable glass shelving on vertical gables
8. Various open and enclosed metal framed cabinets

clark shoes - Limeridge mall, hamilton
clark shoes - oakville place, oakville
Magic Spoon - Kerr Centre, Oakville
l'avvocato - Eaton Centre, toronto

BEFORE:  The left photo shows the Client's existing food service operation called Yogurt.  The right photo shows Godiva Chocolates as separate enterprise. 

PROJECT GOAL:  Unite the two existing facilities to operate under the new brand called L'Avvocato.


1. Storefront with newly designed logo applied to canopy as
   determined by landlord's design criteria.
2. Adjustable glass wall shelving with oak accent at top and
   bottom supports packaged food products.
3. Hot and cold service counters enclosed in oak facade
   lead to cash area.

4. Central stove with exhaust hood enhances the open kitchen
   concept while storage and major prep areas remain hidden.
5. Easy care seanless marmoleum floor covering leads to

   additional packaged items visible through storefront windows.

1. New refrigerated display cases supporting both food service and
   chocolatier functions.
2. Refinished display cases for Godiva Chocolates plus mirrored slatwall
    unite the two merchandising schemes.
3. Engineered aluminum frame above allows security screen closure
   without extending or altering the existing bulkhead.

4. Aluminum frame with second security screen encloses main Godiva facilities.


PROPOSED SIGN FEATURE:  A warm pink colored neon tube at one inch above

   the entire length of the aluminum frame with neon script sign "L'Avvocato" centered

   over the display cases was designed but never installed.

Staffordshire Potteries, toronto

BEFORE:  The left photo shows the Client's existing Wholesale Showroom with stable but poorly configured and colored merchandise support.  The right photo shows a poorly merchandised alcove hiding windows. 

PROJECT GOAL:  In the original space, reconfigure the existing merchandiser while enhancing visual display and merchandising environment.

1. Former visually awkward overhead grid in a large rectangle shape was redesigned with

    a new valance system that allowed easy customer traffic flow throughout.
2. Old base components were refurbished and new complimenting units designed.
3. An existing base unit refurbished and fabric panel incorporated into the new fixture system.

4. Existing wall shelving was reframed in the light color scheme and accented with oak trim.
5. A Mug Shop built into the former alcove.  Vertical mirrored and hinged panels in the corners

    of the alcove visually extend the space as well as afford access to the windows and natural

    light behind.
6. Simple massing and grouping of mug varieties ensured focused customer selection

   while demonstrating potential merchandising solutions to retail store buyers.


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Hudson bay company outfitters - yonge street, toronto

1. Storefront demonstrating Clark's original color scheme

   enhanced by oak veneer and trim.
2. Adjustable glass and oak shelving support a traditional
   merchandising concept.
3. Slatted horizontal wall strips on mirror support small

   merchandising attachments for shoes and accessories.

4. Central stove with exhaust hood enhances the open kitchen
   concept while storage and major prep areas remain hidden.

1. Storefront with full view display windows are secured by 
   sliding glass door panels in daytime.
2. Velvet covered sled based chairs along mirrored walls leading

   to an attractive promotional display alcove at the rear of the store.
3. Consistent fillet curves on fixture corners coordinate the entire
   visual scheme while being true to detailing of Clark logo.

4. Mirrored walls widen the store and allow for easy viewing

   of shoes during the shoe fitting experience.

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