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What is a rendering?


An architectural or interior rendering may be defined as a three-dimensional representation of objects in a space or environment. A rendering might also be referred to as a perspective drawing to depict the plans and elevations as developed by a designer of a proposed construction project.


The purpose of creating a rendering is to attribute a quality to a construction proposal which will be clearly understood by all persons involved in developing the project and can add tremendous benefit for the Client who wishes to promote the project proposal before actual construction.



Rendering - Guiding Questions


Answering some basic questions will assist us to provide you with a scope of services and a fee. Prospective clients with additional questions or concerns are welcome to contact us.


1. What is the objective of your required rendering?

Who will be viewing the rendering and for what purpose is it needed? Will this be the development of a new conceptual vision to be inserted in a typical location? In order to produce a rendering, we need to have a clear picture of what you will be selling, the services that you will be providing and the area of space that your project would be expected to occupy.


2. Do you have existing plans of the building, space or project to be rendered?

Will we be able to work from existing floor plans and elevation drawings as designed by others? Do you have computer generated drawings that we can use?


3. Are we expected to design the objects, fixtures or furnishings?

Your vision for your environment is most important. If you have seen elements such as a particular material, graphic, lighting or design features that you really like in a photo, on the internet, in a magazine or in a competitor’s store, please tell us such that we can use them in the rendering. Do you have graphics, photos, drawings or catalogued items to be placed in the rendering? Designing elements other than those provided will require additional fees.


4. What experience do you have in developing an operating environment?

We want to know where you are coming from. A client without experience requires much more care and attention.


5. Where is your proposed new business space located?

If we are talking about retail, restaurant or service business, do you propose an enclosed mall, strip plaza or freestanding storefront location?


6. When do you expect the rendering to be completed?

Time is a precious commodity. Negotiating through the processes of developing a rendering, hand-drawn or via computer, requires research and development time. It is extremely important to allow sufficient time to complete the scope of work while respecting budget finances.


7. Where are you located and how will the final rendered project be presented?

A large percentage of our work is done via e-mail, faxes and sometimes FedEx. Work is produced in phases, progressing after authorized approvals. We also need to understand the format requirements for the finished rendering.


Please review these questions, type out some answers and send them to us via e-mail or parcel post. Our contact information is on our CONTACT US page.  We will respond in a timely manner and when we evaluate your answers to the aforementioned questions, we will contact you to discuss your project.


Initial enquiries are also welcome by way of a telephone call or brief question submitted through our CONTACT US page.

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