Restaurant Design - Guiding Questions


Answering some basic questions will assist us to provide you with a scope of services and a fee. Prospective clients with additional questions or concerns are welcome to contact us.


1. What is your product or service?

As the design firm, we need to have a clear picture of what you will be selling, the services that you will be providing and the area of space that your project would be expected to occupy.


2. Do you have an existing restaurant or other facility?

Will we be remodeling an existing installation, expanding or adding to the fleet, or starting with a new concept in a new space? What is the intent of your action?


3. What experience do you have in developing an operating environment?

We want to know where you are coming from. A client without experience requires much more care and attention.


4. How will you exceed competitors in your field of interest?

Who is your competition and how will you be superior? Where have you been, where are you now and where are you going? What makes you special?


5. Where is your proposed new business space located?

If we are talking about a restaurant, do you propose an enclosed mall, strip plaza or freestanding storefront location? Location, location, location is a term expressed by people seeking power points. Will you be located in the right venue to attract your expected customer traffic?


6. Have you signed a lease and what allowances have been offered to you?

In order to help our clients develop a budget for the project, we need to understand that there will be sufficient funds for you to navigate to successful occupancy of the space. Landlords frequently assist tenants with allowance incentives which can mean more funds toward better budgets for design and construction.


7. What is your idea of an appealing environment for your sales or services?

Your vision for your environment is most important. If you have seen elements such as a particular material, graphic, lighting or design features that you really like in a photo, on the internet, in a magazine or in a competitor’s restaurant, please tell us. Designing any space is a collaborative effort.


8. When do you expect project completion?

Time is a precious commodity. Negotiating through the processes of research, design, building codes and approvals by authorities, revisions and corrections as required can be difficult. It is extremely important to allow sufficient time to complete the scope of work while respecting budget finances. We believe that haste makes waste and can detrimentally add expenses through oversights.


9. Do you have a budget for design and construction?

We understand that balancing ones finances can be critical to the success of any new construction or renovation project. The client must be aware that sufficient funds are required to support an existing operation or train anew (staff, security, temporary storage space, rent, insurance and so on) through the construction period. Design and construction budget considerations are:


a) In the case of a new venture, a branding or image development campaign may be necessary. Advertising expenses to inform your target market about whom you are, as well as what you offer and how they can benefit from seeking you out, will generate customer traffic to your place.


b) Building shell elements to complete while coordinating with possible architectural, engineering, mechanical, electrical design consultants.


c) Furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) must be custom designed or selected from manufacturers, specified, procured, coordinated (sometimes requiring off-site storage) and timed to be installed between construction and final operation efforts.


d) Graphics, display props, interior signage, sound, smell and elements that make your environment unique must be budgeted for.


It is a costly mistake to design a Rolls Royce when funds only allow for a Volkswagen. We want to design it right, the first time.


10. Where are you located and where is the project located?

A large percentage of our work is done via e-mail, faxes and sometimes FedEx. . We need your contact information and the location of your proposed project.


Please review these questions, type out some answers and send them to us via e-mail or parcel post. Our contact information is on our CONTACT US page.  We will respond in a timely manner and when we evaluate your answers to the aforementioned questions, we will contact you to discuss your project.


Initial enquiries are also welcome by way of a telephone call or brief question submitted through our CONTACT US page.




Large-scale commercial projects may require a Request for Proposal or RFP.


Please click on the following link which will take you to the ARIDO website, specifically to the Request for Proposal or RFP brochure (generally for large-scale commercial projects), a useful tool for Clients to organize their information for submission to the prospective Designer.

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